Etched Plotted


In 2018 I got my hands on a vintage HP plotter from the 80’s and with some hacking you can control it with a modern macbook. The plotter has the same goal as a printer but it is very different. There are more imperfections since you are working with an actual pen. But it can still do a task very consistently. I started getting more interested in other methods of printing and I fell in love with one of the oldest methods there is, etching. Combining these methods turned into something quite fun. I completely modified the plotter so it fitted a zinc plate which is used to etch with. The visual is a representation of a mathematical equation called a fractal flame. I chose this because no human would ever be able to etch this. It consists of roughly 300.000 points individually tapped by the plotter. I really enjoyed the methodology of combining state of the art technology with more vintage technology. and going back to the fine arts was not something that I expected when I got the plotter.

series of 12.