DIY Nintendo switch


At the start of the covid-19 lock-down I experienced electronic scarcity for the first time. People were stuck at home and everyone was playing video games. At the time it was almost impossible to buy a fair priced Nintendo switch. But when checking Chinese electronic web-shop’s there were tons of spare parts available. This is where my journey started. There were plenty of video tutorials available to show you how to disassemble a Nintendo switch. I wrote down every tiny part that came out. I searched for that part in China and bought it. After waiting for weeks I got around 30 random electronic parts. I played a switch breakdown tutorial in reverse and started building. It took me about an hour and to my big surprise it actually turned on! I built a one of a kind Nintendo that was able to do everything a store bought one could.

and in the end I saved about 50 bucks over the original price so that’s also cool!